I started writing since I was in elementary. I remember having a Hello Kitty diary, it was checkered red, with a little lock.  Writing was a way to vent the pinned-up feelings that were so hard to express to others…and to some extent that little girl still lives inside of me.

I became a Christian at 16, a lot of my writings are conversations with God. I believe God is the only one that truly handle all of me & His love for me just grows the more real, authentic and transparent I am.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have in earthy relationships?

I was born in Guatemala, moved to Los Angeles when I was 7 years old to be reunited with my mother. I grew up in the inner-city, what other’s might label as, ‘at risk,’ low-income neighborhood.  I was fortunate to have amazing teachers that saw potential in me and tracked me as college-bound. I graduated from UCLA and Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and PTSD in 2014.

I believe writing is a powerful tool, so here are my attempts to continue my journey of healing; my journey of seeking peace. 



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